Good ‘ole American Airlines

Well, I’ve got to hand it to them, last year American Airlines lost my luggage for FOUR DAYS! So, they eventually coughed up a voucher which I am using to attend this year’s Junction Kite Makers Retreat. As I noted on earlier on this blog, I recently made my reservation. In order to get my ticket, American required that I mail my voucher back to them – which I did immediately. Needless to say, I hadn’t heard a word from them regarding my ticket so. . .I decided to contact them today (my reservation also didn’t show up online either). Somehow, I’m wasn’t surprised that their agent also couldn’t find my reservation – that is, until I gave her my frequent flyer number. Turns out that American had already issued a ticket but sent it to the WRONG e-mail address. Duh! As a result, they’re reissuing the ticket. It’s a good thing that I called. Now, if they can just get me there and with all of my luggage, I’ll be a happy camper.