Okay, I’m hooked!

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Yes, I’ve been bitten by a strange new bug – Aerial Kite Photography (KAP). I was so thrilled with my first successful flight that I had to go flying for a second day in a row. As I love the ocean, I thought that the Dana Point Harbor might be an interesting place to go. It turns out that I was really lucky – the day was absolutely gorgeous, the winds cooperative, and the scenery beautiful. I love the color of the water and, as can be seen, it was a clear day (if you look carefully, you’ll see a bit of fog forming in the distance). Still, I have no complaints as far as the weather was concerned – I couldn’t have planned it any better.

Self-Portrait Panorama

Self-Portrait Panorama
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Well, I’m hooked! As evidenced by this photo, I had my first successful Aerial Kite Photography (KAP) flight. This is a self-portrait of me standing in Altisma Park, in Rancho Santa Margarita, flying my new Flow Form 16 kite with my revived KAP rig (which had a fatal accident just two days before).

In order to ensure that I had the best chance for success, I went to the park during a quiet time – almost no one was around. Fortunately, the wind also cooperated and so do my rig. I think it’s kind of cool that way I was able to stitch this photo together using Photo Shop Elements.

Best Shot from Maiden Voyage

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As I’ve already mentioned, my KAP “maiden voyage” ended in disaster. I did; however, capture approximately 50 shots although nearly all of them were of extremely poor quality (I haven’t had time to fully analyze them to determine why). Just the same, I did capture a few photos that, if nothing else, show that I did manage to get a few shots. The photo at the left is the “best shot” from the set. BTW, I’m not quite sure how to use Flickr yet (where I’m storing my KAP photos) and used Photoshop Elements 5.0 to “enhance” the photo. Obviously, I didn’t take a lot of time doing so as the odd shape of the photo attests (I rotated the picture a bit and didn’t bother to crop it in order to make it a rectangle).

At the moment, I’m still licking my wounds from the disaster which I am now describing as the “launch of the Titanic.” Of course, the sinking of the Titanic didn’t stop the cruise ship business and neither will my disaster stop me from trying again. I’m hoping that my next attempt at KAPing (hopefully within the next few days) will be more successful.