Le Duck’s Maiden Voyage

I’ve had several weeks of Hell on Earth (so, what else is new?) but finally decided to take a quick trip down to the beach after I got off work to see if I could get my latest creation, “Le Duck” to fly. I didn’t get my hopes up as my previous two attempts to get him up failed due to a lack of wind. Fortunately, it was a beautiful afternoon (high 60’s?) and my duck went up like a charm! What a thrill! 🙂


As can be seen, my duck looked beautiful against the blue sky! Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on this outing and didn’t have a good camera with me. As a result, I took the above photo with my phone. Just the same, it recorded this historic event!

I will say this, watching my stupid duck fly so beautifully did give me a bit of a break from all of the stress. I’m going to have to make a whole flock of ’em now – just think how that would look in the sky! Too funny!

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