Le Duck’s Maiden Voyage

I’ve had several weeks of Hell on Earth (so, what else is new?) but finally decided to take a quick trip down to the beach after I got off work to see if I could get my latest creation, “Le Duck” to fly. I didn’t get my hopes up as my previous two attempts to get him up failed due to a lack of wind. Fortunately, it was a beautiful afternoon (high 60’s?) and my duck went up like a charm! What a thrill! 🙂


As can be seen, my duck looked beautiful against the blue sky! Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on this outing and didn’t have a good camera with me. As a result, I took the above photo with my phone. Just the same, it recorded this historic event!

I will say this, watching my stupid duck fly so beautifully did give me a bit of a break from all of the stress. I’m going to have to make a whole flock of ’em now – just think how that would look in the sky! Too funny!

My bol flies!

While it’s hard to believe that I actually made this thing (it’s called a “bol”), I spent the last week assembling it from scratch. Yes, I even sewed it myself! It is a huge flying toy – eight feet in diameter. While many bols can be larger – much larger – the fact that this one flies still amazes me. Unlike kites, bols usually just sit (or hover) near the ground. As the following video shows, it also flies (just a little bit).

With everything that’s going on in my life (most of it is EXTREMELY stressful), I’m finding a bit of momentary relief by making and flying my own kites. It’s simply great fun to go down to the beach on the weekend, unfurl lots of flying stuff and chat with those who happen to be in the neighborhood. As a rule, kites are benevolent absurdities that have almost no practical use (at least not for weekend flying at the beach) other than to bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees them. Of course, those that fly them also get to momentarily forget life and enjoy the wonderful colors and the trill of feeling the pull whatever it is that they’re flying.

More pictures of my new bol may be found by double clicking on the photo below.

It flies!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some wind tomorrow (Sunday).